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Meet Chelsea

Chelsea is the founder, owner, and content creator at Nuwli LLC, which stands for nutrition, wellness, and lifestyle. She is currently located in Raleigh, but strives to reach individuals all over the world with recipes, resources, and nutrition support. As a Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer, Chelsea's goal is to not only share simple, satisfying, and healthy recipes, but also provide one-on-one support for anyone struggling with their nutrition habits.

While Working With Chelsea

You will learn to:

  • Nourish your body through good NUTRITION. All while gaining confidence in yourself and in the kitchen. 

  • Define what being "well" means to you by focusing on all dimensions of WELLNESS including your emotional, social and physical well-being.

  • Create a better relationship with food and learn that you can still create a healthy LIFESTYLE, without sacrificing food and fun. 

About Chelsea

Growing up in a family with a history of medical conditions and being exposed to the dance industry at a young age, Chelsea was surrounded by many individuals early on in life that were in dire need of working on their health habits and body image, but they didn’t even know where to begin (including herself!). It was during this time that she decided to study nutrition and help people that may be struggling with their health, just like herself, family, and friends had.


Whether it be struggling to reach a physical goal, having a poor relationship with food, having low energy,  experiencing hormonal chaos, or not having the right resources— Chelsea finds that every single person has at least one challenge when it comes to their nutrition and health. She created Nuwli to share her expertise and passion for nutrition and wellness by designing content and coaching programs to help individuals achieve the health they deserve! 

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